If your are interested in Rocks, Minerals, Gems, Mines, Geology, WireWrap, Field Trips, Gold Prospecting and other related physical sciences, join the Black Canyon City Rock Club. Membership is free to all! Anthem, Cleater, Desert Hills, New River, Phoenix, Pioneer, and Camp Verde people are welcome.

Library Meeting location in BCC

***** CLUB NEWS *****

The Club is now on summer break! The next meeting will be announced here!

-------Once a year the BCC Rock Club gives a winter Geology and Nature, half mile hike, for all ages in BCC. In addition to a Rock talk we have a desert life expert that will explain natural life in the desert. To sign up for this hike Email the club and we will contact you about the hike date. ------- Check out the local mine ore samples from the Kay, Orizaba and Maggie mines in the BCC Library display case! Also see the basic "cabs" and "slabs" display of Arizona jewelry grade rock made by club members. Join us for interesting field trips to outstanding rock locations and area mines.

The club is starting their eigth year of serving the citizens of BCC. The club meets once a month, on the third Thursday at 5:00pm, at the BCC Library. All are invited to attend, there is no formal meeting or dues, so all the time is devoted to rock related subjects.

Once a year we offer a wire wrap jewelry class and a kids field trip to learn about rocks, critters and desert vegetation. We occasionally do field trips to interesting locations in the BCC and New River areas. We always have an interesting speaker for the program. At the last part of the meeting we do a Show and Tell where you can bring unknown rocks and minerals in for identification. The club offers a computer Document on a USB-Flash Drive, with over a thousand pictures and information on the BCC area rocks, mines, area geology, maps, and much more, Email for more information.

Meeting Programs and Field Trip information is now anounced via Email only.

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"Thar's Gold in them thare BCC Hills"

The Oldest (~4.5 Billion) Iron/Nickel meteorite found in Arizona

Another recent meteorite found in Arizona

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